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Monitoring Applications

We have a number of monitoring and logging utilities which allow you to record statistics for a number of activities including time recording, application performance, server availability, and distributed team status/availability monitoring.

The Website Monitoring application allows you to monitor the performance and the stability of your website.  The application will test your website availability and response times at regular intervals of between 1 and 99 minutes which you define. &nbspThe website response times are recorded to file and database allowing you to graph the performance over a period of time to identify peak periods of poor performance.  In the event of a website outage the monitor will raise audible alerts, send warning emails, or send SMS alerts to mobile phones.

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Pocket PC Applications

Many of our desktop applications have counter part applications which run on mobile devices allowing you to continue working while on the move.  We also have a number of standalone applications which you may find useful while on the move.  These include xcConvert which allows you to convert distance, weight, volume, time, temperature, or currency; xcSecure which allows you to store credit/debit card numbers / PIN numbers or any other personal information, all of which is enrypted and can only be accessed on entering your user password; xcFavorites allows you to organise and annotate your favorite websites.

Pocket PC Games

We also have a suite of Pocket PC Games including Othello/Reversi, Chess, Draughts/Checkers, and Solitaire (Chinese Checkers). All games allow you to play in one or two player mode.  In one player mode your opponent is the Pocket PC and has a number of different skill levels.

Development Tools / Support Applications

Many of the components we have devloped to assist in creating our products are also available for download.  The majority of these components are ActiveX OCXs and DLLs which simplify a variety of functions and which developers can plug into their own applications.  Also, we have a number of website components which can assist in providing functionality to your website.

In addition to development, we also provide a number of support tools.  If you are in an application support role you may find some of our downloads useful.  We have a collection of scripts which perform common housekeeping activities which may be modified to suit your environment.  Also, we have a Support Notes application which allows you to organise and categorise all of your support documentation.  The Support Notes application will allow you to search for any text, code, error message, etc which you have previously recorded allowing you to provide quick answers and resolutions to problems.